dig|i-tize (dij' i tiz') vt. -tized', -tiz'ing to translate something from the real (analog) world into digital data on a computer

3D mod|el ([3D] mäd''l) n. [[Fr modele < It modello, dim. of modo < L modus, prec.]] a digital copy or imitation of an existing object --3D mod'el|er n. a person who calls Mister 3D for all their 3D modeling needs


Kirkham Motorsports 1965 Shelby Cobra 427 S/C Replica

3D Digitized and Surfaced Body CAD Model

Check out the COBRA we digitized!

North American Museum of Ancient Life

Construction of Lifesize Dinosaur Reliefs

IndyCar Inspection Platform

Digitizing/Modeling Services:

3D Digitizing

3D Modeling Services

Sculptural Enlargement/Reduction Services/CNC Foam Carving

Other services:

Custom Software Dev't

Consulting Services


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